Tricopter 375 ARF

Tricopter 375 mm ARF

This tricopter frame is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, and is therefore extremely solid.

There are two bearings in the bracket to the tail motor to provide a stable controle.

The arms are 375 mm long

Frame weight 200 grams




























The following equipment in this Tricopter.

Turnigy park 450




And it’s test flown so it’s just putting your own resiver and fly.

Tricopter 375 ARF  € 290 EUR


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FPV repeater system

Is updated so that it works with the latest Ez UHF again.
They can be updated, write an email and I, will explain what you need to do


FPV repeater system.

It’s a RC repeatersystem so you can use your standard RC gear sending up to 12 CH to a repeaterbox – UHF RC SYSTEM.































The repeatersytem is well tested with Dragonlink & TLRS & EzUHF system

Dragonlink: 12 CH



















FPV repeater system with Dragonlink

FPV repeater system with Dragonlink








FPV repeater system with Dragonlink







FPV repeater system with EzUHF

FPV repeater system with EzUHF









FPV repeater system with EzUHF

















The repeaterbox is milled out in a nice ALU case permanent closed.

Some would ask! But why? Well I like the possability to place the strong 433Mhz UHF signal away from my sensetive Video receiver. Ect. in top of a mast, hill or on the top of a high building without any long cables.

You can place the repeater 500-1000m away from where you fly.


Off cause when you repeat a signal you will have more delay on the signal receiving the plane, but this is not a problem for FPV & UAV flying. I have used the repeater system with multicopter and fixed wing aircraft and there is no problem at all.


The box size

82mm x 40mm x 14mm
weight 105 Grams

€ 105 EUR



Sold out.
It will take some time before they are in stock again

 Remember to buy shipping.

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Quality filter for fpv

High quality and special made noise filter for FPV. This filter will remove all noise comming from ECS when you are using only one battery for your FPV setup. Many FPV pilots got this noise problem when using only one battery setup. We made a short video to show you how effective this FPV filter is.

special made for BlackStork OSD




FPV filter

Size: 50 x 18 x 14 mm

weight 28 grams.

16V 1 Amp


High quality FPV filter € 22 EUR                 Sold Out



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FPV video transmitter heatsink

Effective heatsink for FPV video transmitter
This heatsink fits the Lawmate 1000 mw video transmitter perfectly.


Lawmate heatsink 1000 mw

Video transmitter heatsink

Sunsky heatsink 850 mw

Size: 50 x 25 x 7 mm

weight 14 grams.



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